Like any business, starting a removal company requires a high level of organization and taking into account numerous factors and nuances. Here we will share some steps and ideas which will be useful for starting a successful removals business from scratch.


1. Create a business plan

A business plan is your plan of action. It is indispensable for starting any type of business not only in the removals industry. Having a well thought out business plan will help to define all the initial costs and all future expenses.

2. What is your target audience?

When starting the removals business, your target niche can be homeowners. Later, after gaining more experience, you can expand the services of your company into the commercial market.

3. Choose which services to offer

Removals company can provide a wide range of services including home removals, office removals, nationwide and international moves, Man and Van, store, etc. Determine which particular services you can offer especially at the beginning.

people with boxes

4. Decide on your area coverage

It is important to decide on the particular areas where your company can provide removals services. For example, you may offer removals in Actonremovals in  Battersea or Chelsea or cover all areas across London or even across the UK. But do not forget – the larger the territory is, the more expenses you will face.

5. Get certificates and insurance

You will need to obtain certain certificates and insurance to run your business. The number and types of certificates depend on the types of move you are going to provide, they vary for national and international removals services. Here is a more information about the certificates you will need.

6. Vans and equipment

Vehicles are the main tools in the work which will tell a lot to the customers about the professionalism and quality of your services. In the beginning, you will need at least one van. You will also need such equipment as trolleys, lifts, wheelbarrows, straps etc.

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7. Join the Removal Accreditation Associations

Membership in reputable removal association is vital in this industry. It will show your clients that the company adheres to specific standards, that your company is trustworthy and reliable.  These can be such associations as the National Guild of Removers or The Removals Industry Ombudsman Scheme.

8. Create a website

Every business needs a professional looking website where you can describe your company, list your services and give contact info. A great website will serve as a source of new clients.

9. Promote your company

There are so many ways to make your advertising from leaflets and flyers to logos placed on your vans and trucks. But note that nowadays digital marketing is the most efficient way to promote your business including social media and other channels for advertising.

10. Additional services 

It is a common thing when removing the company offers not only transportation but a set of additional services such as long or short-term storage, packing, package supplying, etc. You can specify the particular locations where your offers are available such as long-term storage in Brentford or Chiswick, etc. 

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Starting up a removals company can be a challenging but exciting process at the same time.  The number of moving companies in London is considerable so the new company will be successful only in case if it offers a top-quality service at reasonable prices.